No two photographic projects are the same, each project has its unique set of challenges. Once you have identified your project requirements, contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

Factors to be considered will be take-off and landing areas, location, access to the project area, airspace restrictions etc. Weather always plays a role with outdoor projects therefore a flexible shooting schedule is a base requirement. We reserve the right to delay any project due to inclement weather conditions or site safety issues.

Clients are responsible for acquiring permission, security clearance and any permits if required before the start of any project to be undertaken for a photographic shoot.

All images published on this web site or supplied by the web site are copyright to Skycam Aviation Photography / Werner Hendrikz unless otherwise stated.

You may not publish, reproduce, place on an electronic bulletin board, intranet or the Internet, sell or otherwise re-distribute these image(s) without a written license to do so from Skycam Aviation Photography / Werner Hendrikz.

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