Werner has been directly involved in aviation photography for two decades, doing pr/media photography in the South African Air Force (SAAF DCC), as a contractor and as a freelance aviation photographer.

While much of his aviation photography and aviation art focusses on military aviation themes, he has worked for clients in the general and commercial aviation sectors.

Experienced in ground-to-air and air-to-air photography, he offers the viewer the opportunity to get a personal view of the exciting world of aviation.

Aviation photography is the art of capturing images of aircraft, in flight or on the ground. Aviation photography requires knowledge of special techniques and of the aircraft to be done properly. There are different types of aviation photography, including air-to-air, ground-to-air, ground-static, and remote photography. Military aviation photography, especially air-to-air, requires additional skills.

Werner holds various Air Force qualifications and holds a restricted aviation radio license, and has completed a number of AOPA International aviation safety certificates which have bearing on aviation photography and aerodrome operations. His aviation photography has been published internationally.

He served in the SAAF from 1983 and remained serving in the SA Air Force till 2000.

With formal education in PR/media liaison, photography, videography, and visual media presentation. His Air Force career experience sharpens his flight safety awareness; an integral consideration for every aviation photo sortie or photo shoot.

ASSA Workshop

ASSA Photographers at Air shows Workshop 2008